Saturday, December 5, 2015

Raspberry Fields Shrug

Shrugs are fast and fun to knit and perfect to wear year round. That being said I figured it was time for me to Design one and Knit it up.  I wanted it to have a modern feeling, be easy and fast to knit up with some detail to add interest.  This is what I came up with.

YARN: Malabrigo Worsted, 210 yds, 10g. Kettle Dyed 100% Pure Merino Wool. 1 hank 93 Fuchsia, 2 hanks  036 Pearl

You Can Purchase this pattern on RAVELRY

Monday, November 23, 2015


 Winter is on its way and I’m totally into Designing Hats.  You just can’t have too many if you ask me.  I wanted to design a lose fitting Beanie with an easy lace edge, fun color combination and top it off with a yummy pompom.  I imagine this hat being perfect for ice skating, which I did a lot of when I lived in New York City.  I even had an Ice Skating Birthday Party at Rockefeller Center. 
You can buy this pattern on RAVELRY

Monday, October 19, 2015


Well the cooler weather is just around the corner and at THHE LITTLE KNITTER in Atwater Village, Ca we are constantly being asked for a Very Easy to knit Hat patterns, so this year I Designed 3 and you can buytthe patterns on RAVELRY or at TLK.  

Monday, October 12, 2015


It’s no secret I Love Shawls.  They’re so versatile and can be worn year round.  For this shawl I wanted to work with one of my favorite stitches-The Seed Stitch and just to spice it up I added a detail when I changed yarn color. This Shawl is knit side to side and it’s a lot of fun if I do say so myself.

SIZE: Wingspan 80” X 60” Deep

YARN: Kenzie by Hikoo 160 yds / 50 grams, 50% New Zealand   Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Angora, 10% Alpaca, 5%Silk Noils
Color 1-1022-Ruapehu, Color 2-1024-Hokitika, Color 3-Glacier
2 of each color-6 balls total.
GAUGE: 16 sts & 43 rows = 4”

TOOLS: US 9 32” circular needle (need circular for the length)
              Yarn needle
STITCH: Seed Stitch-Row 1 k1, p1.  Row 2 p1, k1 (p where you knit
              and k where you p)
This Pattern can be purchased in my RAVELRY

Sunday, September 13, 2015


 I was inspired by the trend for Natural dyes and colors when I Designed this Lap Blanket. I wanted to use two Earth tone colors and this is what I came up with.  It is very basic since I used The Wonderful Garter Stitch but I added a little detail when you change colors just to spice it up.  That being said I have a friend who is knitting it and she chose Bright colors and it looks great.
SIZE: 42” W X 46” L

YARN: Cascade Ecological Wool100% Undyed Peruvian Highland
            478 yds, 437 m, 250 g. Color A 2-Antique #8019, Color
            B 2-Ecrue #8010
GAUGE: 13 sts & 26 rows = 4”
TOOLS: 11 US 40” circular needle, yarn needle.

YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS PATTERN ON RAVELRY and find the sample, yarn & pattern at THE LITTLE KNITTERY in Arwater Village, Ca.

Saturday, September 5, 2015



Last year I designed The Ezy Log Cabin Blanket/Throw and I was asked many times to do a Baby Blanket Version so I Designed one with Berroco Modern Cotton. Now I am offering one using Malabrigo Rios a wonderful Pure Merino Super wash. My inspiration was the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Quilts.  I love their bold geometric patterns and dynamic color combinations.  My Pattern can be PURCHASED on RAVELRY

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I took a few detail photos and wanted to share them.  This pattern is listed on RAVELRY
and the SAMPLE & YARN (Berroco Modern Cotton)  are at THE LITTLE KNITTERY  in Atwater Village, Ca. It's one of the Best Selling Patterns!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015


It’s no secret I LOVE NORO YARN.  It was time for me to Design another project and Noro came to mind.  I wanted to do a light weight Cardigan for our LA weather and my friend Molly who is not afraid of color tried this design on and it was magic.  She looked great and just fell in love with my Design so I decided to name it Molly’s Cardigan. 
You can buy this pattern on Ravelry

SIZE: Fits Small to Large (yes it does). 42” X 22  it has a lot of stretch.

YARN: Noro Kibou, 54% cotton,34%wool, 12% silk. 285 yds, 270m, 100g
3 balls of color 8.

GAUGE: 11 sts  = 4”

TOOLS; US 11, 8.0m 32” circular knitting needle.   (you need the 32” since you will have so many stitches on the needle), J Crochet
Hook, Yarn Needle.

STITCH PATTERN: Garter Stitch-knit every row.

This is knit bottom up but you wear it so it hangs side to side.

Friday, May 1, 2015


WOW! it's been a Long Time..I'm back with my latest Shawl Pattern BREEZY is what I named it because it feels like a wonderful breeze.
I wanted to Design a Shawl that had stripes that started very thin and got thicker with a four color stripe repeat.  A shawl is so versatile and useful you can always use one more.  This is an easy and fun shawl to knit with wonderful result.

SIZE: wingspan 85” X 50” x 46”
YARN: Berroco Folio.65% super fine alpaca, 35% rayon. 219 yds, 200mm, 1.75 oz, 50g. One of each color. #1- 4534, #2- 4502, #3- 4518, #4- 4510
GAUGE:18 sts & 30 rows = 4” not that crucial but come close to get the size.
TOOLS: 9 US 32” circular Needles, yarn needle.

STITCH:  Garter Stitch: knit every row.

You can purchase my pattern on RAVELRY